Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Challenge 8 - Dream

Angel by Lily Disign
Azure Pleasure by Irene V. Alexeeva
Once upon a Dream by Purely Pixels
Behind the Reeds by digiscrapbooking collab
Lazy Summer Days by Kim B

Challenge 7 - Cousins & Friends

Man! Sara's on fire! I'm falling way behind! Anyway here it is!
Sunrise Special Sun collab
Alpha-Pineapple plantation designs


Sara Bob's Challenge 8

I chose to scrap lift Harmonystar for this one. Hehe, it may seem easy, but I really, honestly ADORE her LO's. Plus, I've had my eye on this one and I just so happened to take a picture this morning that I thought would work with it. So, bada-bing! A LO was born!!

Here's her original...

And here's the one I did...
Behind the reeds by Tinette
Bits and Pieces by Harmonystar (brads - and also her word art)

Challenge 8

Challenge 8 is posted! It can be found here at Oscraps.com

But to make it really easy, here it is!

"A lot of us here at Oscraps are totally excited about the new season of American Idol...so we decided to make our own version...Scrapping Idol!

What is a Scrapping Idol, you ask?
Scrapping Idol: a scrapper that amazes, inspires, awes, and/or makes you want to be able to scrap just like them.

We all have a scrapper that makes us drool over every single layout they crank out. So, your challenge begins with going to that person's gallery and choosing a layout to scraplift. Go on...you know you want to.

Ok, got a layout in mind? Here's what you have to do to complete this stop on ADSR:

1. Scraplift a layout from your the gallery of your Scrapping Idol.
Flip it, twist it, turn it, do whatever you gotta do. Just make sure your layout is inspired in some way by your idol's layout. If it isn't obvious how you scraplifted the layout, be sure to explain it in your credits...we don't those poor ADSR judges working too hard, do we?

2. Include a star somewhere on your layout.
The star can be a brush, a doodle, a sticker, an element, star paper, a star of ANY type! If you need a star, we have at least one in our freebie section of the store! Here's a link to our Freebie section!

3. Include the word DREAM somewhere on your layout.
It doesn't matter where or how, just make sure the word DREAM is somewhere on your layout. If it is the journaling, please include the journaling in your credits.

4. Please link up to the layout you lifted in your credits."

Monday, January 26, 2009

Sara Bob's Challenge 7

This was a cute little freebie kit...but kind of girlie to use just for Zsolt. So I used this adorable picture of when Rachel Bob got to meet Zsolt. Good times!

Challenge 7

Challenge 7 is right here at Sunshine Studios.

Our Challenge:Download our freebie, Sunrise Special, found HERE.

Make a layout using everything in the freebie. You may recolor, resize, etc. as long as you use it all in some way

. ** You can use other products in addition to this freebie **

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Challenge 6 completed!

I finally finished it! Whoo! Let me tell you, I had some issues with it. I think my mind had a hard time wrapping around the 45 degree changes....and then I had forgotten to flip the thing. But here it is, ready and submitted.

Here is Rachel Bob's original....

And here is my version!

Spring Fling from Elemental Scraps

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Challenge 6

Challenge 6 was located here!

"This leg of the race is a ROAD BLOCK which means only 1 person can participate. You must choose a layout from your partners gallery and scraplift it using the following direction:

Take your chosen layout from your partners gallery and flip it either horizontally or vertically.
Now take the layout and rotate it 45 degrees.
You must use this "new" version as the sketch for your layout.
When creating your layout you must use the EXACT same number of items that your partner used in the original layout, no more, no less."

Looks like I'm going to be doing this road block. Rach and I did paper, rock, scissors to see who had to do it. First of all, let me say, paper, rock, scissors is a hard game to play through instant messanger. And secondly, Rachel CHEATED! LOL! Okay, off I go to find a LO to lift!

Challenge 5 for Sara Bob

Wowzer! This challenge was rough for me - a LO with no pictures? Luckily, Rach had a great idea with the poem thing - so I did mine with a poem that my mom wrote for me.

First Day of Spring- by Ginger- coming soon to ScrapStreet!

Happiness Poem:

Sara B. Ferrin, a chick in the band,

Was one day feeling very bland.

She, of course, was a special girl,

The kind that sets your heart a-whirl.

But one weird day she had lost her smile,

And after it was gone for a little while...

She said, by golly, I’ve got to search hard.

I’ll bet I lost my smile out in the school yard.

So out she went on her hands and knees,

Low in the grass, with the bugs and bees,

But in the yard it was not to be found,

So she scratched her head and looked around

I know, said Sara, with a fourth of a grin,

If it’s not outside, then it must be in.

So she ran through the halls just shouting out loud,

“Have you seen my smile?” she asked the crowd.

Most of the folks just shook their heads,

They were all half dead, should’ve stayed in their beds.

But one smart kid knew just what to do.

He said, “I have found your smile for you!”

So Sara B. watched as he dug in his bad,

And he pulled out a goofy, polka dot rag.

He did magic tricks and made fun things appear,

Understanding, Sara grinned and let out a cheer!

I’ve found my smile, she laughed at the walls.

It was not in the yard, nor the old school halls.

If I ever again wonder where it might be,

I will know where to look...inside of me.

The moral of this story is pretty clear,

When you’ve lost your joy, don’t look far or near.

If you look without you will never win,

For happiness comes from deep within.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Challenge 5 - The Light

A poem I wrote in college

"Angel" by Lily Designs
Alpha by Bizee

Poem reads:

There are no windows
There is no knob on the door
I know there are mirrors on every wall
They only reflect the darkness
I cannot see
I feel that I am here
I don’t know where here is
There is no light
There is no sight
There is no knowing
In the dark.

The door opens
There is a light
So much light
I see
I see too much of me
My flaws reflect off every wall
I don’t want to be here
It is too bright
With true sight
There is too much knowingin the light.

The door opens
There is a light
So much light
I see
I see so much of me
The me that I could be
I know why I am here
It feels so right
In the light
There is warmth in knowing
There is a Christ

~Rachel Bob

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Challenge 5

Here is our challenge 5....

Your challenge for this stop is to create a layout that has no photos on it, but includes at least 3 different and separate photo frames.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Challenge 4 - Married

gold glittery splats
inked paperedited
picture: extracted, duplicated overlay, added sparkle, sharpen . . .Yeah it's pretty much edited to death!
My journaling is readable at full quality. Here's what it says:
People get married for many reasons. It is a right of passage, a sign of growing up, or perhaps just sick of being single. I didn’t get married for any of those reasons. I was young, just on the brink of 21. I loved flirting and dating. I loved going out with my friends to midnight movie premiers. I loved being able to pick up and go whereever I wanted whenever I wanted. No real strings tying me down. So why did I get married? Because of you. My prince charming, my Casanova, my better half. You were ready to be married andthough I was young and enjoying myself, the thought of being without you was terrifying! Growing old with anyone elsewould seem wrong. My eternity wouldbe hell if you were not a part of it. Igot married because I love you morethan anything else in the world.Sometimes when I look at you I still feel the way I felt as we saton the couch in our temple clotheswaiting to be taken up to the sealingroom where we would be joined fortime and all eternity. I couldn’t believe I would really get to keepyou forever. When you looked at me I could see you felt the same thing. To my husband, my friend, and the father of my children. To an eternity of love and understanding. To us.Love, Your Bride Forever, Rachel

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My "Art and Soul"

Here is my LO for challenge 4! Just so you know, "Apu" is Hungarian for "dad" or "daddy". My husband lived in Hungary for 2 years doing missionary work, so he speaks the language and that's why our son's name is also Hungarian. It's kind of a special connection between the two of them.

Man oh man by Ginger Scraps
New Year by Ginger Scraps (alpha)

Challenge 4 is up

Challenge 4 can be found here.

But I'll list it here too :)

The Art and Soul Challenge!
You both must complete this challenge! However, this is a FAST FORWARD challenge which means that the first team done can SKIP the January 18th challenge if they wish!

1. The Art of it: Your LO must have artistic flair! Literally! Your LO must have at least 3 things "artsy" and/or "altered" on it--(such as but not limited to: paint splatters, a paintbrush, paint spills, crayon doodles, goopy glitter, watercolors, canvas AND/OR altered art items such as wings on photos, art dolls, vintage doodads, ephemera, etc). Really stretch yourself and try something "artsy" that you haven't tried before!

2. The Soul of it: You must journal something from your Soul. Something positive, heartfelt and meaningful to you in your life! Something you've learned, something you've gleaned from your life experience. Perhaps something you would want to pass on to the next generation! (It can even be your favorite quote and why it touches/inspires you) Uplift us, make us smile--inspire us! You must share your journaling with us-if it's hard to read or blended into the background-part of the challenge is to share your journaling in your description.

Challenge 3 for Sara Bob

All righty, here is my Challenge 3 completed!

My original LO

My new and improved!

Credits: Promise Collection by Shabby Princess

Monday, January 12, 2009

Challenge 3 - Valentine Dance

Here's one of my first digi scrap pages I've ever done. It was in 2002, back before there was really such thing as digital scrapbooking. So all I had was some clip art from printmater premier.

Here's my redo. I've come a long way! And so has digital scrapbooking!

"Love Bug" by Share Joy

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Challenge 3

Time for us to start working on challenge three! It is located at http://www.gottapixel.net/forum/showthread.php?p=370847#post370847

"Your challenge is simple.

Find the first layout you created that is still uploaded to a gallery and scraplift it using techniques, trends and concepts that you have learned since you did that original layout.

You can...
  • You can use a different kit, elements, papers, brushes, shapes, etc.
  • You can add and remove elements, papers, etc.
  • You can use a different sized canvas.
  • You can move things around and change the overall sketch of the layout.
  • You can use the first layout uploaded to any gallery. This does not necessarily mean that it's the first layout you ever did.When you view your gallery, at whichever site it is at, it needs to be the first layout uploaded to that gallery. Example: This is my gallery at Gotta Pixel (I have other galleries on other sites). If you go to the very last page, and find the very last image, that is the first layout I uploaded to Gotta Pixel. That is the layout that needs to be used.

You can not...
  • You can not add additional photos to the layout.
  • You can not remove any photos from the layout.
  • You can not add additional text to the layout; journaling, alphas that spell out a word, word art, journaling. The only text that appears on the layout must be identical in verbiage to what it was originally. You can change the font, you can convert text into an alpha. If your layout previously used an alpha or wordart, you can convert that alpha/wordart to text or use a new alpha/wordart to spell the same thing. When you are done though, you must have the same words that were on the old layout, on the new layout."

Thursday, January 8, 2009

challenge 2 - Camping trip

challenge from elemental scraps:

This challenge is an intersection. This means you need to work collaboratively on this project! 2 racers / 1 final product!Here's the challenge:

Cabin Fever(interpret this as you will, but it must be evident that this is the thought/theme behind your page!)

Must include:
3 photos
4 papers only (no more or less)
8 different elements - at least 1 must be acrylic
2 different fonts
Must have a title, and journaling

Frission by petit moineaux
swirly - Swirly Gig by Harmonystar
moose - Summer at the Cabin by Debbie Crabtree.

Sara Bob did the basic layout, the papers and framed the pictures and put the title on.
3 photos
4 papers - 2 background papers, 2 paper strips
title - 1 font

she then sent it to me where I embellished and added the journaling and date.

8 elements at least one acrylic -
acrylic swirly
2 nails
leaf branch
string heart
hanging hearts

journaling - 2 fonts

That was tricky doing it together, but fun too!

~Rachel Bob

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Challenge 1 LO

And here is my entry for the first challenge!

Lisa's World by Harmonystar

Monday, January 5, 2009

Challenge 1

And we're off!

The first challenge from Hummie's world is as follows:

1) Rip and tear a photo into three or more pieces! (that's a photo, not papers!)

2) Use journaling on your layout (something I stress is SO important).
Journaling: Dictionary.com: A personal record of occurrences, experiences, and reflections

This is a challenge to be completed by both racers.

Here's my Layout
"A Xmas Gold Mine" by WaterLO Project

~Rachel Bob