Tuesday, December 9, 2008

One Step Closer

That's right, folks, it's almost time for The Amazing Digi Scrap Race Season 4!! This year Rachel and I have paired up and are going to participate in the race for the first time. We've signed up for the website, sent in our registration, created nifty matching avatars and blinkies (both done by Rach), and now we have a blog to display our progress. The first challenge is going to be posted on January 4th, so we're just warming up, stretching our legs, and getting ready to race.

A bit of background on us - Rachel and I both grew up in the thriving metropolis of Blackfoot, Idaho (that's the "Potato Capital of the World" mind you). We first met when we were in second/third grade and were on the same dance team. We later became best buds in seventh/eighth grade when we had the same lunch hour and worked in the lunch line together (ah, good times). We've been BFFs ever since and have a long history of friendship. We actually picked the name Bobettes based on a group we started in high school (it's still making me giggle every time I see the name). It's an intriguing story and if you're lucky we may decide to share it with you at a later date - if we can bear to have our nerdiness....uh, I mean, awesomeness completely exposed. There is actually even a third Bobette (Hey Jodi Bob!) but since this competition only accepts duos it's just going to be us this time. So that's us in a nutshell!!

Don't forget to tune in here to watch our progress throughout the race!

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