Monday, April 25, 2011

Challenge 9 - Sara

Challenge 9


We thought long and hard about coming up with a challenge that would be fun and also provide people with a variety of different directions in which they could take the challenge. We hope you have fun with this and can't wait to see how the challenge inspires you!

Challenge Theme:
All About Me (yes, you have to scrap a page about yourself!)

Subject of Layout: Scrap about something you inherited from a family member (it can be a physical attribute ex: smile, nose, funny laugh, a personality quirk ex: sense of humor, fearlessness, a talent ex: sewing, great athlete, a certain passion ex: love for animals, love of gardening, etc.) You are NOT limited to these examples; if you can figure out something....anything....that you inherited from another family member and you can scrap about it....GO FOR IT!!


1. The layout must have two photos (it can have more). The two required photos must be one photo of yourself and a second photo that illustrates the "thing" that you inherited. For example, if you inherited your mother's cooking ability one photo must be of yourself and the second photo could either be a photo of your mom cooking, or a photo of a great meal, or even a photo of a favorite recipe or cookbook. As long as the second photo helps to illustrate the "thing" that you inherited it works.

2. The layout must have a title that uses one of the following:
-a mix of different fonts (at least 2) or
-a mix of different alphas (at least 2) or
-a mix of fonts and alphas (at least 1 font and 1 alpha)

3. The layout must including journaling explaining what the inheritance is

4. Your layouts must be posted in NDISB's ADSR 6 gallery.

Challenge 8 - Sara

Gallery Link

Challenge 8

At Sunshine Studio Scraps

This year's theme is Family so here is our challenge:
What does family mean to you?

Think about the question, your answer, & create a layout using it. Simple, right?

Well... you're not getting off that easy....

Your Answer has to be in the Title of your layout.
Somewhere on your layout have either the question written out "What does family mean to me?" or you may also use "Family = (your answer)"

Somewhere on my page I have the question written out "What does family mean to me?" My title is "Drama"
So I've used the question and answered it. My answer is my title.
So then I make my layout about a moment when that particular word comes in, when something happened that I had to deal with Drama with my family (who doesn't have family drama... lol)

Photos are optional since there may not be a particular moment for it or you didn't want to take a photo while dealing with something such as Drama

That's not all! Now here's some additional rules. You may choose TWO out of the FIVE options. You MUST use at least TWO of them on your layout, any two. You can always use more than 2 if you want.
  • Use at least 2 different alphas for your title
  • Use at least 3 pattern papers
  • Use at least 3 solid papers
  • Use at least 2 different fonts in your journaling
  • Make a list of the reasons why you answered with that word (your title)
Example using same answer as above: Drama
1. Disagreements
2. Opening mouth...insert foot (what family member doesn't say something they shouldn't have said?..haha)
3. .... and so on
Let us know in your credits which of the two options you chose to use.

Challenge 7 - Sara

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Sara's Challenge 5

This week we had to scrapbook about a day away...or what we would do if we had a day away.

I know what I'd do!

Gallery Link

Friday, April 8, 2011

Sara's 6.3

Here's my Challenge 3 LO:

"Take A Dip" by Digi-Designs by Nicole

As a family we enjoy sitting down to play
a version of “Go Fish.” Zsolt doesn’t fully understand
the rules of the game, but he loves using the fishing
pole to catch the fish and put them in the boats.
Anara enjoys sucking on the little cardboard fishies.
Mom and Dad try to establish order, but the game
generally ends with lots of giggles as the fish
are thrown wildy into the air.

Sara's 6.2

My Challenge 2 LO:

amazing. beautiful. creative. delightful. ethereal. friendly. giggly. heartfelt. inspirational. jovial. kindly. lovely. marvelous. noble. outstanding, plucky. quirky. righteous. scholarly. trustworthy. upright. vivacious. whimsical. my Xerox. yummy. zany.
all these things and more, you inspire me every day.

Shabby Princess, Vintage Florals

Sara's 6.1

Oh my word! I am such a nit-wit. I completely spaced posting my LOs here.

Silly me!

I didn't even realize it till Blogger told me that this was the most recent blog updated.

Oh yeah, Sara! We have a blog!

Silly me.

Wait, did I already say that?

I already can't remember.

Nit. wit.

Here is my Challenge 1 LO:

Travel through time by the Latest Scoop Too

6.3 & 6.4 Rachel

I promise Sara is doing her LOs she just must not feel like posting them. ;)

challenge 3 is a family activity then essentially to make the LO into that activity. 

actual Candy Land game by Milton Bradly
Playful Plastic Alpha by Harmonystar

Jaden loves playing Candy Land but he hates to lose so we play till we all win!

Challenge 4 was an intersection meaning we have to do it together. The theme was family travel- Sara provided the pictures and journaling and made the LO.

pictures and journaling by Sara - scrapping by Rachel
template- Down the Line by Photocowgirl
Waste Paper by Samceline

In March of 2009 your Grandma & Grandpa Schwab got you and mom airplane tickets to come visit them in Idaho. It was your very first airplane ride and you did so well! You were wowed by the large airplane terminal in Salt Lake City - so much was going on! At the end of our flight we waited and asked to have your picture taken with the pilots. We took so long getting off the plane that your Grandma became quite worried and almost ran out onto the tarmac to come find us. She would have done so if they had let her.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

6.2 - Rachel

for ADSR6 challenge2
font: Pea Alicia Script

journaling (word count: 32)
Oma to me, GG to my kids, you are so amazing! your love, ambition, & energry inspire me always, I will be lucky indeed if I can aspire to be like you!

Challenge 2!

Hosted by Scrappity-Doo-Dah

Peekaboo Family Inspirational Challenge - scrap a page about a family member that has inspired you.
Our Challenge is a "Peekaboo Family Inspirational Challenge". The goal is to scrap a page about a family member that has inspired you.

1. Choose two background papers, one for the very back and one for the front layer. 
Re-size the front paper so that the back paper shows through. Either have the front paper the same size smaller all around
or rotate the front paper so the back paper shows through. 

2.Choose one photo for your LO and crop it to a 3" by 3" image or about a 900 pixels by 900 pixels image. 
Place this either in the center of the page or somewhat off the center if you choose. 

3. Use your shape tool to add at least three shapes of ANY shape above your front paper layer 
as in a flower, a star, a circle, square or heart or any other shape you wish. 
Select the shape on the shape layer with your magic wand tool and delete
from the front paper layer to show your background paper layer underneath in the shapes you cut out. 
Make sure to add a good shadow to this front paper layer to see the cutouts.

4. Journal about someone in your family that is an inspiration to you. 
It May be someone who gave you good advice or someone you look up to. 
Journal between 25 and 50 words about this family member.

5. Cluster around your photo and on your page to complete the LO. Add shadowing and a title, with or without an alpha. 
Adding a date if you choose to.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

6.1 - Rachel

my facts are in the powers and weaknesses of my super hero family. 

My Comic World by letiscrap
ZamPop by Chris Greiser

Challenge 1

Hosted by Digi Scrap Connect

"Introduce your Family"

As a little check off list.. required parts are:
1. At least one photo of your family.
2. At least 6 items listing some trivia/fun facts about your family.

Monday, March 14, 2011

ADSR Season 6!

It's here again and Sara Bob and I are ready to get back to scrappin'!! Time to update a few things and dust off our team blog!