Monday, April 25, 2011

Challenge 9


We thought long and hard about coming up with a challenge that would be fun and also provide people with a variety of different directions in which they could take the challenge. We hope you have fun with this and can't wait to see how the challenge inspires you!

Challenge Theme:
All About Me (yes, you have to scrap a page about yourself!)

Subject of Layout: Scrap about something you inherited from a family member (it can be a physical attribute ex: smile, nose, funny laugh, a personality quirk ex: sense of humor, fearlessness, a talent ex: sewing, great athlete, a certain passion ex: love for animals, love of gardening, etc.) You are NOT limited to these examples; if you can figure out something....anything....that you inherited from another family member and you can scrap about it....GO FOR IT!!


1. The layout must have two photos (it can have more). The two required photos must be one photo of yourself and a second photo that illustrates the "thing" that you inherited. For example, if you inherited your mother's cooking ability one photo must be of yourself and the second photo could either be a photo of your mom cooking, or a photo of a great meal, or even a photo of a favorite recipe or cookbook. As long as the second photo helps to illustrate the "thing" that you inherited it works.

2. The layout must have a title that uses one of the following:
-a mix of different fonts (at least 2) or
-a mix of different alphas (at least 2) or
-a mix of fonts and alphas (at least 1 font and 1 alpha)

3. The layout must including journaling explaining what the inheritance is

4. Your layouts must be posted in NDISB's ADSR 6 gallery.

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