Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Challenge 10 - all about Sara

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I've known Sara since I was in second grade and know here pretty well, so I decided to ask her a TON of random questions to learn some things I didn't know. I am aware the journaling is blocked, but it's pretty darn funny just reading the bits and pieces of it. Anyway here's the whole journaling for your random reading pleasure.

I drive a Chevy Lumina * I have lots of freetime, my entire day is free . . . I don’t get paid for any of my time. Ha ha! * I recently had a dream where the word "Schwab" was another word for "penis";. (I'm not kidding- I couldn't make this stuff up if I was conscious) I was asked to spell my name at work and when I said Schwab (to get it started) I offended this guy and got in big trouble. I was so upset, I thought, you shouldn't get in trouble for spelling your own name!! * I absolutely despise cleaning. I like things clean, but not to clean them. * Ironically for cash I’ve been cleaning house for a lady here in town. I also have a photography business. * I’m a very cautious driver...sometimes too cautious. * My favorite past time is taking pictures of my family. * I would love to learn shorthand. * Being disappointed depresses me, especially when my hopes are way up. * I love love love my kid. I’m so obsessed. * Final Fantasy III is my favorite Nintendo game. * I don't think it's ever possible to know everything about someone. * Sometimes I miss being a kid. I miss the carefree ways. I wouldn't want to go through being a kid again. * I’ve never cheated on my husband, but cheat all the time at games. * I think I’m a nice person. Surprisingly people like me! * I love to eat Chocolatey things. * I’d like to tour Europe sometime and see everything I can. * My favorite flower is the yellow rose. * If I could be an animal I’d be a horse. * If I could have a super power it would be super speed! Could you imagine getting everything done in record time?


Schwabs said...

Haha! I should have known better than to be completely honest on that questionnaire!! But the LO is beautiful!

Barbara (NutsAboutGabe) said...

Great layout. It's nice to get to know Sara Bob a little better. Too funny!