Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Challenge 4 - Married

gold glittery splats
inked paperedited
picture: extracted, duplicated overlay, added sparkle, sharpen . . .Yeah it's pretty much edited to death!
My journaling is readable at full quality. Here's what it says:
People get married for many reasons. It is a right of passage, a sign of growing up, or perhaps just sick of being single. I didn’t get married for any of those reasons. I was young, just on the brink of 21. I loved flirting and dating. I loved going out with my friends to midnight movie premiers. I loved being able to pick up and go whereever I wanted whenever I wanted. No real strings tying me down. So why did I get married? Because of you. My prince charming, my Casanova, my better half. You were ready to be married andthough I was young and enjoying myself, the thought of being without you was terrifying! Growing old with anyone elsewould seem wrong. My eternity wouldbe hell if you were not a part of it. Igot married because I love you morethan anything else in the world.Sometimes when I look at you I still feel the way I felt as we saton the couch in our temple clotheswaiting to be taken up to the sealingroom where we would be joined fortime and all eternity. I couldn’t believe I would really get to keepyou forever. When you looked at me I could see you felt the same thing. To my husband, my friend, and the father of my children. To an eternity of love and understanding. To us.Love, Your Bride Forever, Rachel


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Beautiful Rachel.