Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Challenge 5 for Sara Bob

Wowzer! This challenge was rough for me - a LO with no pictures? Luckily, Rach had a great idea with the poem thing - so I did mine with a poem that my mom wrote for me.

First Day of Spring- by Ginger- coming soon to ScrapStreet!

Happiness Poem:

Sara B. Ferrin, a chick in the band,

Was one day feeling very bland.

She, of course, was a special girl,

The kind that sets your heart a-whirl.

But one weird day she had lost her smile,

And after it was gone for a little while...

She said, by golly, I’ve got to search hard.

I’ll bet I lost my smile out in the school yard.

So out she went on her hands and knees,

Low in the grass, with the bugs and bees,

But in the yard it was not to be found,

So she scratched her head and looked around

I know, said Sara, with a fourth of a grin,

If it’s not outside, then it must be in.

So she ran through the halls just shouting out loud,

“Have you seen my smile?” she asked the crowd.

Most of the folks just shook their heads,

They were all half dead, should’ve stayed in their beds.

But one smart kid knew just what to do.

He said, “I have found your smile for you!”

So Sara B. watched as he dug in his bad,

And he pulled out a goofy, polka dot rag.

He did magic tricks and made fun things appear,

Understanding, Sara grinned and let out a cheer!

I’ve found my smile, she laughed at the walls.

It was not in the yard, nor the old school halls.

If I ever again wonder where it might be,

I will know where to look...inside of me.

The moral of this story is pretty clear,

When you’ve lost your joy, don’t look far or near.

If you look without you will never win,

For happiness comes from deep within.


Little Yancey Family said...

Great job! I love that poem! So very cheery!

Anonymous said...

You did a great job! I love how you separated the moral of the story part. So creative!