Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Challenge 5 - The Light

A poem I wrote in college

"Angel" by Lily Designs
Alpha by Bizee

Poem reads:

There are no windows
There is no knob on the door
I know there are mirrors on every wall
They only reflect the darkness
I cannot see
I feel that I am here
I don’t know where here is
There is no light
There is no sight
There is no knowing
In the dark.

The door opens
There is a light
So much light
I see
I see too much of me
My flaws reflect off every wall
I don’t want to be here
It is too bright
With true sight
There is too much knowingin the light.

The door opens
There is a light
So much light
I see
I see so much of me
The me that I could be
I know why I am here
It feels so right
In the light
There is warmth in knowing
There is a Christ

~Rachel Bob


Jodi said...

You were in college in '03?

Little Yancey Family said...

Yuppers! I graduated from highschool in 2002.

bevswebdesign said...

Beautiful page Rachel, as always!! I love it!

Schwabs said...

Rach, yours is beautiful and oh so pretty. Oh wait...is that redundant? LOL! I love your poem- you are talented in SO MANY WAYS!