Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Challenge 8

Challenge 8 is posted! It can be found here at Oscraps.com

But to make it really easy, here it is!

"A lot of us here at Oscraps are totally excited about the new season of American Idol...so we decided to make our own version...Scrapping Idol!

What is a Scrapping Idol, you ask?
Scrapping Idol: a scrapper that amazes, inspires, awes, and/or makes you want to be able to scrap just like them.

We all have a scrapper that makes us drool over every single layout they crank out. So, your challenge begins with going to that person's gallery and choosing a layout to scraplift. Go on...you know you want to.

Ok, got a layout in mind? Here's what you have to do to complete this stop on ADSR:

1. Scraplift a layout from your the gallery of your Scrapping Idol.
Flip it, twist it, turn it, do whatever you gotta do. Just make sure your layout is inspired in some way by your idol's layout. If it isn't obvious how you scraplifted the layout, be sure to explain it in your credits...we don't those poor ADSR judges working too hard, do we?

2. Include a star somewhere on your layout.
The star can be a brush, a doodle, a sticker, an element, star paper, a star of ANY type! If you need a star, we have at least one in our freebie section of the store! Here's a link to our Freebie section!

3. Include the word DREAM somewhere on your layout.
It doesn't matter where or how, just make sure the word DREAM is somewhere on your layout. If it is the journaling, please include the journaling in your credits.

4. Please link up to the layout you lifted in your credits."

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